hopefully a thread like this hasnt been made yet (i used the search bar but nothing that i wanted came up)

does anyone happen to have the mesa stiletto deuce head? (and possibly also the traditional slanted stiletto cab?) I'm gonna buy it soon and i wanted to know what people thought about it. One big thing i wanted to know is if it could play jazz well on the cleans. I play metal a lot so i wanted this, but I heard it wasnt as rough and 'farty' as the rectos so i thought maybe it might be decent for jazz. It said on their site (although i couldnt find any recordings of it) that it has a good midrange which i love for my jazz playing. I'm not too font of high bass or high highs because it either sounds too muddy for me or too piercing (which would be nice if i played on a strat, but i play on a jazzbox so yeah...). I play jazz guitar for college and so im hoping that I can make it easy on myself and buy this for both my metal band and still utilize it for big class performances.

thanks for your help
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