very new band

hi im Wayne 1 member of this band. There are three members in our band daniel and kieran, kieran and I are 13 daniel is 14 we all play guitar but kieran wants to and is going to play bass. So we are looking for a drumer around the same age or less and maybe a singer.

We are just a layed back band and we dont want to go anywhere right now so if you live around towradgi corrimal fairymeadow or bellambi give me a reply.

im into: bob dylan, queens of the stone age, kyuss, the doors, the animals, the cramps, mark lanegan, tom waits and more

looking to play desert rock, classic rock, maybe a bit of blues
Hey.. I live in your area..
I can't play drums though.

Try putting up a sign at Feed Me Music in Corrimal (across from the Palm Court Hotel).
Maybe Wollongong Music Centre..
Dusty Guitars...

And so on.
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hey at least i found some people who live in my area by the way if anyone plays piano, organ or brass instrument im interested aswell.