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should quit guitar !!!!
5 56%
maybe! u should continue !
0 0%
continue for sure !!
2 22%
good guitarist .. should do more!!
0 0%
Normal guitarist
2 22%
U r better than normal
0 0%
u have a gd chance to do things
0 0%
U are about a professional
0 0%
U are a Profeesional guitarist
0 0%
u should be next worlds ARTEST
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Voters: 9.
dont let the classic guitar thing effect the vote negatively coz it is harder to play than an electric for these songs

I have been playing form 1 year ... on a Classic Guitar..(i'm buying my electric in a month)

i can play scales and chords...

1-i can play Metallica songs ..like nothing else matters, fade to black, one,master pf puppets ( althogh not that good on a classic guitar ) , In General ..All Metallica songs seems easy to me

2-i can play "Raining Blood" for slayer

3-i can play "Laid to Rest", "11-hour", for Lamb of god

4-i can play Malmsteen's .... " I'm a Viking " and "arpeggios from hell "( this one at lower tempo)

5-i can play system of a down's...also not hard.

6-i can other random songs like .."smells like teen spirit".."somday solo for flipsyde" and some spanish-like songs.

7-i can figure out some chords and tones since they are not too dirty and not so fast.

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with my fingers !! is it because i have a classic guitar... does effect anything!!
But how do you get the high notes and things.. Doesn't your classical guitar's neck run into the body around the 12th fret?
Sigs are overrated.
It doesn't matter if you use your fingers or a pick. If you're playing a lot of metal, it may be easier to use a pick. But, what I meant be my earlier post is, can you play the whole song, including the solos?
yes , but i have that space instead of would ...so i can reach 19 fret easily
he dude that finger thing was a sarcasm .... if the solo needs a fret nore than the 19 i can't play it ... also all tapping solos like in "One " i avoided them ...but you should see the bright side of playing malmsteen's
talk to u gays after about 12 hours ( that is when it is night in my country ) c ya
Quote by beero
I have been playing form 1 year ... on a Classic Guitar..(i'm buying my electric in a month)

i know scales and chords...

And which scales are those then lol...
Please don't double post, use the edit button.

I don't see how you can play those on a classical guitar (or where you got a cutaway classical guitar) but no matter- if you can than good on you.
This thread is pointless, it's not even worth me insulting you over the internet......
At least learn how to write using the English language before you post on an English speaking forum.