hi i was wondering if the LTD M-400 was a good guitar choice for me. i play mostly metal and hard rock like RATM, Metallica, Pantera and RHCP. i havent tried it but im not sure about it coz it has an agathis wood body which is bright and im not sure if it would be good for what i play.

and also does it do well for shred? and also what wood is the LTD F-10 made of Mahogany or Agathis? just wondering

EDIT: im going to the music store tommorow to try it out but just incase i could be wasting my time.
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LTD viper Fm200 sounds pretty fine so i imagine the 400 will do just fine too a little better probably (i assuse your meaning the viper series)

Just try it out.....i think it's pretty sweet so :p
I read somewhere it is alder. People will say that since it has the licensed FR its not as good as the OFR, but if you're good at setting up you should have no problem with it. I prefer Ibanez coz it has a thinner neck and the neck is unpainted. But thats just me, go and try it out is the best advice anyone can give.
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the 400 series of esp are really nice, i myself own a deluxe 1000. i also played a 250 series , and liked that, but i like the 1000 better. you might also wanna check out Jackson Dinkys, there pretty much the same, without a gloss neck. Alder body, emg pups.

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The M-400 is alder, isn't it?

Anyway, it's nice, but I much prefer the MH-400, because it's mahogany, better looking, and has an 85 in the neck instead of an 81, which in my opinion has no balls as a neck pickup.