I'm really jealous of all these people with their lovely maple tops but I've got my plain metallic blue.

Is it possible for me to put a maple top on my JS30DK? Also, how would I go about painting it and such.

I've currently got a floyd rose on it, which is starting to piss me off, so if I put a maple top on, would I be able to then swap to a hardtail?

Why is the Floyd pissing you off?

The maple top is doable, so is the stoptail, but that's a lot of work for an average guitar.
Buy a new one you like better. Give me your old one.
The floyd isnt all that annoying, it's just difficult when theres a song you want to play thats in Drop C, and you have to get out the screwdriver and everything, reset the bridge and then tune it a couple of times. I would just prefer a hard tail.

Yeah, this is an average guitar, but with work it could be so much better, it already has a great neck and nice pickups, if I replaced those with EMGs it would be awesome.

So the maple and hardtail is possible? Can someone give me some tips or guides on how to do either?