I tried to imitate the lyrical style of the Dead Kennedys here, so pardon me if it seems a little unthoughtful, but it's meant to be in your face irony.

You left all those that once stood waiting
Stood there waiting but never again.
You always kept them waiting
But never again

And now he has 'em all rounded up
5-6 chicks blonde hair DD cup
You've already forgot about the ones that most mattered
You turned to find your only friends have scattered

C-C-C-Cold turkey
He's going C-C-C-Cold turkey on me!

What's the deal with your hip new look?
He's getting more babes for a meaningless ****
Panting like a dog for another can of beer
He's collapsed on the floor, his face in his own sick
Now who's in the sorry state, my dear?
Now poor old Dick is dead
He died of alcohol poisoning just last year.

And while he's out drinking living his lie
I'm sitting laughing at his sad ****-up life.

C-C-C-Cold turkey
He's going C-C-C-Cold turkey on me!

C-C-C-Cold turkey
He's going C-C-C-Cold turkey!

If anyone knows the Dead Kennedy's lyrics, they'll know what i'm trying to get at.
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