Hey guys,

Been praactising my sweeping lately but I would like some more songs to study.

Do you guys know any songs which have good sweeping sections in them or are even purely comprised of sweeps.

I am already trying to learn crossroads and serrana so don't recommend those please

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remember yesterday - hammerfall has an awsome sweep solo, try some malmsteen and bodom but none of it is gonna be easy
the arpeggio theme of no boundaries speed kills by michael angelo batio
superheroes by racer x and freak show excess by steve vai both have immense sweeped sections
selkies, an endless obsession Between the Buried and Me
apocalyptic city, over the wall Testament
psyalm of lydia, this godless endeavor Nevermore
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For future reference, if you mean Crossroads (as in the film with Steve Vai and Karate Kid) that song was called Eugene's trickbag.
Stabwound and Fermented Offal Discharge by Necrophagist have some in them.
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alaska by btbam
far beyond the sun by malmsteen..-seves as good warm up for first 2 mins
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