Is the Zoom G9.2TT any good? It looks and sounds pretty nifty but I haven't heard any samples on the internet and I can't find any reviews.

I'm thinkin' of buyin' it ya see and I've always been happy with Zoom (with the exception of the Zoom G707)

My guitarist has one. very, very nice piece of kit. it has two tubes in it aswell, which suprised me. but like all multiFX, it gets a bit fiddly to set up.
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I have one, it plays quite nice and has lots of variety, but it takes a long, long time to set up with tweaking each sound. I mean, the presets are nice, but very few are really "that" nice. It takes a lot of playing around with, but afterwards I was able to replace almost every pedal in my arsenal and most of the preset amp sounds I had. So now I use the G9 to color my sound and as my effects and just use the different presets on my amp as different level boosters.
I would recomment buying one, it will save you tons of money on pedals IF you're willing to sit for a long time perfecting each sound and setting you're looking for.