It wasn't my favortie song in the world. It had potential, and the lead was good, but the rythm part was very bland. It really didn't hold my interest and I'm glad it was short because i was ready to turn it off. IMO it woukd sound a lot better with more interesting part for the rhythm guitar rather than just eigth note arpeggios. 6/10.
I liked it. The lead was great, I didn't really pay attention to the rhythm tho. But I liked it.
I was going for a "love thing" kind of feel to it, and I think I will change the rhythm up a bit, or let the other guitarist in my band make it better, it was more of a base for me to write lead over. Thanks for all the comments.
the progression was simple and ur harmonies were predictable. it has a great feel to it, and the lead is really good, except a couple of the arpeggios were a little weird. overall i liked it but maybe it could use some spicing up

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I liked most of it a lot. Especially the second solo. But I think repeatedly full bending gets a little redundant. There were times when it was good, but times I thought it would have sounded better as a half bend.