Hey Hi...

I dont really have an Electric yet.....I was gonne get it like last year but my parents shook their head and said...Bday...Which is in a couple of months or so...while im waiting,I wanna decide on a guitar...well...me budget is around RM3000 which is around a few hundred pounds or so...

I want a Epiphone Les Paul and a 50W amp but I cant really find any spesific models....So can anyone recommend me any models that will fit The Budget and at the same time give out a good sound?..If you do,Could u send me the price?

Im playing GnR,Led Zeppelin,Pink Floyd,KISS...and all that stuff...

Thnks TO you,UG!
No rly?

Ya rly.
With Hard Rock an Epi Les Paul will be fine, and if it's a 50w amp you'll have no probs, just avoid Marshalls so I've been told. It's gonna cost ya a bit to get the 50w amp AND the Epi Les Paul with just a $400-500 (200-250 pounds, if my math is ok)
Try a Roland cube 15x. I know it's not the 50 watts you want, but it rocks, can cover a multitude of tones and is only around $100 (us). A buddy of mine got one for his kid and he loves it. It gets loud enough for practice at home and even with the volume turned down to close to zero, you can still get wicked distortion out of it. It is a great amp to start out with and your parents will absolutely dig the cost of it. Look it up on musicians friend. You won't be disappointed. And you can always at a later time run it to a powered monitor for more sound and power.