Poll: Which is a better guitar for rock to metal playing?
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I will only consider a 500$ guitar if you can link me to an S series for 500$(usd)

I want a guitar with a Trem,for rock to metal playing, So Ive been looking at these two. which would be my best choice?, or different better choice. Please dont say"save up more money for an S series":

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But it is 50 more bucks to get to 500 (S guitars haha). You could keep saving, donate plasma, deliver papers, do what you gotta do.

I was once in a rush too...almost went out and got something that I could afford which was not very good. I held off longer, saved a little more, went to the store at the right time and poof! an RGA 121 Violin flat was on clearance right in my budget.

Point is, keep looking while saving up a few extra dollars.
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Quote by GuitarEvan07
ok but can you find a s series for 500$?
link me if you can.
trust me im not in a rush. I gotta wait till next christmas. lol

I wen't into Guitar Center and told them I'd take the floor model S 520 EX because it was the only one they had and I threw a fit bacause there were some scratches on the back and the bridge wasn't set correct. I haggled them down to $450 out the door.

Don't ever pay full price for a guitar at GC they usually want to make the sale.

Let me tell you the S series is awesome, the only RG I would get would be a RG 1570 or >, it's so hard to beat the S's Mahogony Body and amazing ZR trem though!!.

P.S. Just last week I talked GC down to $400 for a 2006 Jackson RR3 because the trem collar was missing

Good luck,

I just got a quilt top S470. It's damn beautiful.

For under $500, dont buy current models. For the price of an RG350, you can find an RG550 or 570 somewhere used, and trust me, a 550/570 is a huge upgrade from a 350.