Ok, so I looked all over google, for some diagrams, and it seems like ive done everything right

i threw 2 epi lp pups in my rg120 yesterday, and everything worked fine, except for some grounding issues, which i havent solved

while i was trying to fix the ground issue, i pulled a wire loose from the volumepot

im pretty sure i soldered it where it belongs

no dice, there is no output at all
and im really stumped

any help is appreciated
I tried the simple, 1hb, volume, config, wired it like it showed in the diagram, still didnt work

i tried wiring the pickup straight to the jack, that worked, but there was horrible hum, all im really concerned with now, is getting sound out of my guitar, without hum.
show me a way to do that, i will love you forever
im sure the diagram works fine, i just have no idea of knowing which wire are which, and in the diagram it shows 4 wires coming from the pups, whereas, these, and the pups i used before these, only had 2