any help on how to approach the use of chromatics in a musical context would be really appreciated.say for instance im playin the the key of c major,how would i kno wher to use 'em?
also if you are familiar with ron thal's playin,could you temme a bit about those techniques!?for eg how to approach his song "guitars suck"!?
there are a LOT of ways to use chromatics in key, one example (of many) would be, in the key of C major, say your chord progression is simple I-IV-V, as we know this is C,F,G

against the C chord you could naturally use a B in a "lead" type melody, as we all know B is the 7th degree of C major....

against the F chord you could naturally use a E in a "lead" type melody, as E is the 3rd degree of C major....

now wrap your mind around this....

against the G chord you could use a Gb and here theoretically is why,

when you change each chord, although they are all contained within C major, when you begin playing the flatted root around the chord you are changing the tonal center to that chord. its easier in example really than in statements. also some keys are far more conducive to chromatic movements than others.

In this example your C major scale would be spelled out something like

C, D, E, F, Gb, G, A, B

the reason it would be Gb and not F# would be because you are using it with the G chord and as a movement device around the G chord

i personally am preferential of minor keys but you may find this works in major keys as well (actually i'm fairly certain it does) also how you use the chromatic movements play a big part in whether or not it will sound good, are you focusing primarily on the added notes ala playing lots of Gb notes with your G chord which will produce dissonance or are you using it as a passing tone with your E and F as a vehicle to get to the G chord?
thanks man that helped but i was kinda curious about th way john petrucci composes,cause his solos
are filled with chromatic passages,and its difficult to identify the shape hes following!
from what you said earlier,all im gettin is like 3 notes at th most in a chromatic order after which it goes back to the reg sequence..how do you get longer sequences?take erotomania by dt for eg.