How many of you have ever heard of the band Sonata Arctica? if you haven't, check them out, they 're not really big yet, but i think they should be, they're unreal - for that matter, what unknown bands do you guys figure should go big?
they have a show coming up around where i live...what type of music are they?
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Not very big yet? Don't know where you live, but I know A LOT of people round here who adore their ass hair.
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What the hell do you mean, not big yet? Theyve been around for a while, and are well known among power metal entushiasts. I love Wolf and Raven, their best song IMO but they have tons of others.
Yeah, they're pretty popular from what I thought. I haven't heard any songs from them though as far as I know.
Love Wolf and Raven, they're making some kickass music^^
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Hm. I guess Katatonia, and of course Arsis.

Katatonia? Unknown?

What are you on?
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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I think they are annoying.
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