I just got a new guitar, but i still love my old squire.

Im planning on turning it into a "project" guitar.

i play heavy music, and my squire has a lame distortion(weak, no depth)

also it has really bad hissing(pickups anyone?)

the tuning sucks(maybe some locking tuners, or some good non locking tuners,nuts?)

i guess what i am trying to get at(what i want to know)

is, can i make my 170$ squire good?

will all the upgrades make it rival my new ibanez rg1570?(maybe even beat it?)

ive heard from several people this can be done but i would like some suggestions on "how" to make my squire great

also the prices on the products(pickups,tuners,etc) i would like to know

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
YOu can add alot to a guitar and spend alot of money, but if the would isn't correct then the tone will deterioate quite noticable. However, ive made builds with plywood body's they sound ok. I'm guessin its alder bodY?


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seeing as it was a $170 , i doubt its made of plywood, probably basswood or agathis

so changing out the pickups will improve the tone
it wont be as significant as changing pickups on a guitar with better wood, but it will improve the tone

1. used DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Solo, Solo Pro, and Heavy Blues (around $90 used)
2. GF complete Strat wiring upgrade (switch, pots, caps) - $16
3. Wilkinson Vintage tremolo with the hefty steel block instead of the puny Squier or older MIM Fender bridge - $38
4. GF vintage Kluson-style tuners - $22
6. Bone or ivoroid nut - $4
Total = $170

If you're fussy about the neck, a light sanding with 2000 grit and 3-5 coatings of 100% Tung Oil will make the thinner Squier neck "faster."

The tone will be totally different from a Bucker guitar but you'll be able to pull off some pretty good classic rock and Blues, specially if you have a nice tube amp.

Good Luck!
my model is made of alder, the neck maple.
i was thining of some hotrails, since they claim to get you the "bucker" noise
but i dont know..

with all the upgrades do you think it would be better than a mexican made?
Probably not better but close to approximating ... since it's mostly up to the player. It will definitely be better than it was and for an older guitar that you love, why the heck not make it something you'll want to play even more. The hot rails will definitely give it the crunch you want but I've always preferred the regular buckers.

Anyway you slice it, it's worth it since you like the guitar anyway. Do it!
i would think it would be hard to judge if its better then a mexican/american/other guitar, i say if the guitar sounds awsome, thats the best guitar in the world ATM, try not comparing to others, its not like your going to have a guitar battle with a all orignal 70's strat side by side

build it to the exact sound you want, you'll never go wrong with that.
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i was just going to say that lol!

my uncle is a mechanic he paints cars, but he has done some guitars in his time(he is old lol)

i was thinking some pearlescent

does anyone know anything about the lsr locking tuners???

the look awesome and are "locking"
Gold everything would rock, like the 60th strat, gold satin paint job, gold Pickguard hardware, i love it....
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Jasmine S-35
*Epiphone FT-130

"Yeah, I'm real deep when I'm not busy masturbating or setting off fireworks." - John Mayer
I've upgraded my Alder squier a bit and it sounds great now. I put in a YJM in the neck, an Area '58 in the middle and Fast Track 2 in the bridge pup spots (all Dimarzio). Gave it a new paint job, locking tuners, and it sounds awesome. I'm thinking about routing it for a Floyd or at least putting a new trem system in it.
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i was just taking a look at guitar fetish.com

would all the american trems fit????

or would they be too big??