I dont know what to do, I've been trying to write songs for ages with little success, if it sounds alright then it sounds like indie and I'm trying to write rock (not emo). Any tips, am i possibly using the wrong kind of rhythms or something?
Learn some rock covers, and adapt their techniques into your playing style and songs.

Edit: failing that, start an indie band. Like, duh!
i get the best riffs if i play a song i like and then try to build up something that fits with that song.
I dont think this is stealing is it?
my suggestion is always this, if what you're writing sounds like everything else your writing and you don't like it (are you always writing the same metal song? the same ska song? the same indie song? in your case at least) listen to and learn other styles that you enjoy, if you like jazz or blues or classical or hip hop or r&b or whatever, learn some of that, then start incorporating it into the sound you already have and you can produce some very interesting meshes. i use this all the time, if i have something and i think "well i already wrote a song that sounds kinda like this" then i'll add some stuff that is completely different, i might start off kinda bluesy or classical like and then go into that riff. hell i wrote a riff that sounds very country esque in the middle of a flat out speed/thrash style metal song the other day just so i could screw with peoples heads when they listen to it. OR another suggestion, say you have 5 riffs that sound kinda the same, put them all together into one song, or if you have a verse/chorus for 4 or 5 songs that all sound the same, put them all together for 1 song thats longer than normal but never technically repeats itself.
^well i also find it helps ALOT if you use odd time signature in metal to mix it up as well as tempo changes make a world of difference

and to fix ur problem of indie sounding songs crank up the distortion fiddle with ur tone to make it bassier and no one will argue that its rock. Also use more power chords than normal chords to give it more of the rock quality. And only minor scales should avoid the whole happy aspect of indie
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