i have an old acoustic guitar which my dad gave me about 5 years ago, it was given to him by a guy who used to play with it in a band in the mid 80's. basically its a lovely sounding guitar but the action after the 10th fret is ridiculously high, i'd never really noticed when i was starting out because i just practiced songs with simple chords but i've now started playing more songs up and down the fretboard i can hardly play them

ive checked to see if the neck was bowed but it seems dead straight to my eye

i'll try post a picture if that would help. it seems as if there is a gradual slope to the strings the further along the neck i go.

was thinking it could be the bridge saddle, if this was place deeper into the bridge it looks like it could help
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Your guitar probably has some humidity conditions resulting in the strings action being so high. If you want, try sanding down the saddle.
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id get it checked out before sanding the saddle, unless its worthless then just do it as an experiment
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i looked on ebay, replacement saddles are dirt cheap, might try experimenting, i'll let you know how it goes
Somewhere on the taylor website they have a very good tutorial on the proper way to sand down your saddle. I would recomend you find that before you do anything else. If you follow the taylor instructions then it would be very hard to mess anything up.
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