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First WOTM for the new year. I plan to set up a WOTY (year) if everyone thinks its a good idea. Opinions in the Forum Recommendation thread please.


- You need two recommendations to get into the WoTM final poll.
- You MUST have written at least THREE pieces in the past month to be nominated.

Benji (LOOK!theskyfell) cannot win, as he won last month.

Get Nominating!!

With this month, it is possible to account for pieces posted towards the end of Dec too...because its being crammed in so much.

- Lessthanthat
- Grovermans
- Stratkat
- TruelyNinja
- Jammydude41
- SilenceEvolves
- Less Than Dave
- Stellar_Legs
- Punkrockconcept
- Circular.Parade
- #1synth

- Lessthanthat
- Grovermans
- Jammydude41
- SilenceEvolves
- Stellar_Legs
- Stratkat
- Circular.Parade
- Truely Ninja
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I listed their writings in parathesis so you wouldn't have to go check.
I Nominate
Grovermans (innocent, you were beautiful, new york.) and less than that (to get away w/ murder, that "poem" you wrote from my perspective really tears it, one in every city, and love song for you I call "Jeff" white elephant)

Recommendations: circular.parade, truly ninja, silenceevolves, system
I recommend: less than that, system, Something_Vague(even though he's already won, like, what, 5 times?)
Wade in the water, child.
Quote by FatKidsOnMopeds</3
thats not fair those rules are bullshit jerk

I'll forward that onto Mike aka Drummondo for the original idea and Alice for deciding the rules.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Quote by FatKidsOnMopeds</3
Oh, nevermind.
The rules are awesome.

I miss mikeee where is he these days *sniffle*

Yeha me too.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Thanks for the recommendation FKOM</3, but I'm far from eligible this month. the spanish verb "eligir" meaning "to choose." Probably from Latin...

I recommend grovermans because his last one was so damn fine.
is SilenceEvolves eligible since we're counting some of December's too?

if so i'm for him.
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i'm never nominated for this shit anymore.
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Quote by SixTwentySeven
less than that

Oh, sorry.

I deleted my old post, I nominate Less_Than_Dave.
Quote by Something_Vague
i'm never nominated for this shit anymore.

I've never really been nominated for this, oh well though, right? Life goes on.

I don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't write to become WOTM, I could care less about WOTM. I'm not trying to talk out against you, Matt, but I just hate anybody who posts things like that in general. WOTM isn't some prestigious "award", it's just something for fun.

Whatevs. Anyway, on topic now, I don't know who I'd nominate yet. I'll read around and post it later if the thread is still up.

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So far, most of the people already nominated are the ones that I think deserve it, so I'm in a pinch. But if Truly is eligible, then I nominate him.
^Yeah, if I remember well, you just can't... I don't see the point...ESP if you havn't been around this month. If you'd be proud of your work or something I might understand. You need to reccommendations to be nominated anyways.
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I'd of nominated you synth, but I already nominated someone before you posted your third one. (At least I'm pretty sure that was your third one)
id nominate myself, but that wouldnt be cool.
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