Sounds kind of like a poem... but its kind of divided into different parts. If you'd like to see them all, www.xwretchedxairx.deviantart.com its opening the gates, then the rest are titled 'The End.'

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"Opening The Gates"

Around lit candles we sat,

Who could count all the blasphemies which we had just spat?

I flickered my tongue,

And like being stung from the needles,

A flame had appeared in the fog.

Sadness overwhelmed,

Thus, we had opened the gates of hell.

The dead were free to roam,

Damned souls were set loose,

And our lights started to dim.

The goblets we brought,

Chipped and cracked,

I filled to the brim with blood.

"Here we go, we shall not wait,

We'll soon be immortal..."