kk so i was just playing my vintage vs6 when i got in from school,i put it down and had dinner. when i come bk to my surprise and HORROR the input jack thing what ever u wana call it had been forced into the body!!! i have no idea what to do!!! heres some pics to help use all out too c my problem! thx guys im sory if this thread is in the wrong forum but im desperate!

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ps not sure if these images are going to work..
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how do i post images?? to show u guys my problem

you have to host them on a site such as photobucket/image shack

or upload them using the "Manage Attachments" button when you post

EDIT: without pictures, do you mean the nut and washer have fallen off, and the jack insert has fallen into the body?
to post images you have to upload it to a image hosting site, use photobucket, then they will give you an www .photobucket.co m/yourimageyouuploaded then you post it here, and it will embed it...
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That doesn't look too healthy, has it pushed right through the wood? Looks like it


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i would be happy with just having the input jack on it rely...dont think it would be posible to restore it..
Wow, that's some pretty thin wood, isn't it? I'd think a large-ish washer should take care of it, though it will be quite noticable. Still, it beats having to fumble around in the cavity for the jack, dunnit?

P.S.- It's an OUTput jack, dammit! It ships current (=sound) OUT of the guitar, not into it. All logical, right?...
aggghhh....the big washer idea i like! thx everyone. all comments are well apreciated ! keep em coming
Dude, PM the pros/luthiers/savvier builders here. Fix it so it's like the original, but sturdier. Don't rush it. Patience!

Contact LuthierofTexas, AlgeeEater, CallumBarrow (sp), dave293, ormsby, mutatedriff, etc., or go to a pro if you're not that comfortable.
Yeah, you should at least try and reinforce it so it won't happen again.
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That happenend to me a few years ago. just get a couple of washers from a hardware shop. Shouldnt cost much.
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Did you leave the cable connected while you had the guitar set down?
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I don't know if I can help it.

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thx guys feedback hlps a lot but i have good news! i took the washer idea and it worked perfectly but it now looks like this...

not too bad i think....maybe could some how clear up the wood though,thx guys
one thing you could do for a temp fix, that would hide the chip..

Take a thing small square peice of wood (or you maby have to shape it a bit with a sander for it to fit in the control cavity.. maby a quarter inch thick, and big enough to cover the entire whole.. Drill a hole in your little piece of wood big enough for your input jack. The whole in your new brace will have to be bigger than the original hole, so your jack can go deeper into the brace, since the brace will effectivaly make your body "thicker" in that spot than was designed.. Glue the little peice of wood to your guitar body over the hole using a good wood glue (on the inside of the control cavity.) Let it dry completely. This will be the new "brace" to hold your input jack.. Then, go to your local guitar shop, and look for a gibson style toggle switch cover (the one with treble & bass on it like a les paul) You can probably find one for about a dollar or two. Then use that as a large plastic washer to cover the outside hole of your input jack, just flip it over so you cant see the "treble & bass" written on it, put your jack in, put the plastic toggle cover on top like a washer, then secure it with the nut, and it should be good.. As long as your not to rough on it, it'll probably last forever if you wanted.

It might sound a bit "rigged" but it would be a adequit fix, and should hide your chip or at least most of it, untill you had the cash or time to get a luthier to fix it, since you will probably have to fill that hole, and redrill it..

Word of advice for the future, always unplug your chord from your guitar and amp when your not playing.. I remember once years ago, i left my chord plugged into my amp, and when a friend walked past my amp, his leg bumped the jack plug on the chord and it snapped off and broke the input jack on my amp (i was pissed, but it was my fault for leaving it plugged up.) From that day on, iv always unplugged my chords and put them out of the way when done playing.. Its just a smart thing to do.
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If you have the chips of wood, take them, along with the guitar, to a reputable luthier/repairer. Its a reasonably common, and easily fixed repair, for this type of guitar. Doing anything yourself now, could mean nothing can be done later (impossible to remove glue properly, for example). Or, you could leave it like it is, and it will happen again.

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