ok, so i finally saved up my $500 for a schecter c-1 artist which i've been looking into for awhile now. But here's the deal, im currently using a line 6 30 watt piece of crap and some obscure yamaha strat copy, which is probably one of the worst guitars you could buy for $100, guaranteed. Anyway, would you recommend i spend all my hardearned cash on a tube combo amp, or a new guitar and settle with my spider for a LONG time until i get some $$ again. Because i know how even great guitars sound pretty bad on low end amps, but i might go insane with this stupid yamaha soon. O yeah and my 30 day return policy ran out just last week, and im pretty mad since i could've returned the amp for the $130 , and probably bought a decent amp and guitar. damn
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if your yamaha guitar is becoming (or already is) unplayable or otherwise falling apart, id get a new axe first, the line 6 doesnt sound nice but at least its usab;e until you can get something better, cause that that $100 yamaha is going to sound like total crap even through a tube amp.
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+1, however some people swear by Yamaha Pacificas as some of the best started guitars out there.

What kind of Yamaha, btw?
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Buy the guitar. Don't be the guy with a JCM2000 with a $100 guitar. If you're just playing at home, you can add pedals, upgraded speaker, etc. to make that amp sound better. It is a pretty cool and fun thing to do to modify and add to a cheaper amp to come up with an awesome tone that you created.