Hi, I am looking at buying a new guitar and I quite fancy an Ibanez.

I already have a strat and a martin semi but wanted something a bit heavier.

I liked the look of the Ibanez RG350EX and it has got pretty decent reviews on here and else where.

Remember it £300, not dollars so it's about $590
Any comments apprecieated.
Go to your nearest branch of Sound Control and play some Schecters. I did, and bought one that same day. In fact, me and my bassist are getting the coach to Milton Keynes on Saturday just so she can play some Schecter basses!
Ok do not I repeat do not get the RG350!!!! The tone is thin and awful and the tremolo sucks.

I would look into some epiphones, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried some.
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If you want an RG for that price, look on ebay for a used RG5xx or RG7xx or something. I picked up my 1992 RG550 for £200 on ebay in around October.
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Jaffaps2, I think i might go and get the S470 tomorrow ! It looks pretty gd.
Well thats it, I ordered the s470, should be here in a few days.
I will get my assed kick for buying two guitars in a month. First a martin, now an ibanez.
i will second schecters there quality guitars and even there lower end ones sound good
im not too keen on schecters.
my mate has one and ive tried a couple and i really don't like them.
maybe 'cause they were low end ones or something...
maybe try a jackson?
Top lel.
Yeah but you just know if them little puffs in A7X manage to stick it in the biz then in 20 years time kids will be like ohhhh Schecters are the best guitars ever!
i thought that happened already...
or at least it did in my school
"omgggggg schecters are the best" :|
"cause......avenged sevenfold use them"
maybe the really high end ones are good, i don't know, but they are way too popular just now
Top lel.
i suggest that you stay far away from edge 2 and 3 tremolos
they pull out of tune all the time and are just badly built over-all.
even though the tone is nice and it has a fat sound and tone, stay away unless your very very patient
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Well thats it, I ordered the s470, should be here in a few days.
I will get my assed kick for buying two guitars in a month. First a martin, now an ibanez.

/thread.... unless TS posts pictures!
what amp do you have?

EDIT: shit, too late.
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