what are some ways to make your fret hand able to move quickly and smoothly along the fret board and go quickly from note to note.
i would apreciate any suggestions that might help improve my skills (or lack there of)
so yeah
just practice scales and chord sequences slowly and accurately, making sure each note sounds out and eventually speed up.
Also make sure you use ALL of your fingers so if your, say, doing a g minor scale the finger order would go (1=index 4=little finger etc) 1 4 1 2 3 1 3 1 3 4 1 4 1 4
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Practice slow.... but PAINFULLY slow, then work your way up. It's important to practice at a speed where you can literally play with no effort. It is best to eliminate tension in your hands when playing.. After a while, start upping the tempo, but gradually.
scales up and down
or combinated pentatonics like zakk wylde uses them...
the only way to get a fast shredder...
clean sound also helps a lot, hearing mistakes much louder
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All that's said above, plus make sure you're pressing the strings the minimal necessary amount, and also that you're not twisting your left hand into a weird shape. There are exceptions to this, but generally speaking your thumb should be on the centre of the neck, behind the middle of your hand - try to stop it creeping too far over the top.
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thanks for all of that it was really helpful
accept for that last part about Makimbabita
that was kinda wierd
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thanks for all of that it was really helpful
accept for that last part about Makimbabita
that was kinda wierd

Theres loads of ways, I am still learning to play fast however, scales start slowey and work your way up works, but i dont like them.

The way I pratice is like 1234,1423,4321,1423 ect: ect: on each string slowey for a few weeks untill i got faster.
then my scale went like this


so on so on. This made my hand strengten up also...with picking up and down also help with speed

But all you can do is pratice makes perfect...but no one perfect=)