****ing love this dude, awsome... in my eyes the fastest rapper who manages to make his lyrics understandable. (all these underground fast rappers may aswell rap in islamic).

Anyway, what's his fastest song? Only song i've heard of him which i consider fast is 'break ya neck'.

Any suggestions?
i don't think this is the best forum to ask that in...
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**** the other people, i'm not letting narrow minded people stop me from making a thread, if ya' get me.

so, anyone?
Not really, although he does have some great guest spots. Check out the track Tha Points that's got Biggie, Redman, BTNH & more.
I would say, 'Iz They Wildin' Wit' Us & Getting' Rowdy Wit' Us' with Mystikal is one of Busta's fastest raps.

'The coming' is the best album in my opinion though.
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I have two songs with Busta on them. The Monument by Wu-Tang where he has a lukewarm verse, and Scenario by ATCQ where he rips it up. Oh, and that touch it song was pretty brutal.
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He rocks on A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario"... orther than that... naw he isn't that good. Nor is he fast, wtf? Ever heard Bizzy Bone?
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(all these underground fast rappers may aswell rap in islamic).

Islamic is not a language, foo.

His verse on Scenario kills. Also check him out on "What's Happenin" with Method Man. Crazy song, I swear.
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