Two things....

1)...ok so im working on a little project at the moment and we seriously need a name so we can start promoting etc. Its three acoutic guitars playing original stuff, with no vox, were playing cafe bars, wine bars, private parties, functions and whatever. we dont want anything that defines the style, (ie calling ourselves "los trio guitarra" lol) we play a mix of things, but with latin, jazz, spanish and south american themes i guess. hard to define, but were all about writing the perfect melodies, finding a sweet tune, and rythmically challenging boundries or modern popular music. one of the members has a bass background and amazing musical theory, another has been classically trained for 8 years, and played in a number of bands, including some jazz outfits. We all love the album "passion grace and fire" (al di miola, john mclaughlin & Paco), and its that kinda pretty intense but also interesting approach we take. obviously slightly mainstreamed for a modern auidience within the scene we have access to.

basically ive asked here cos we have nothing atm, and im bored, and maybe, just maybe, you guys could help out lol.

maybe "The (....)" could work, but lets be constructive cos im not calling my band "Teh Buttsecks Boyz" or anything stupid like that. we were thinking maybe something with an acoustic theme "the solid tops" being discounted as being a little blunt if you see what i mean. annnyywwaayyyyyy.....

...2) Anyone heard of any similar projects or been involved in them? id like to hear anyones imputs or advice....

thanks in advance

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How about "Hard to define"? You said it yourself!?!

Was in a band consisting of a nylon and a steelstring. Also played some sweet stuff - some Latin/Spanish sounding stuff with some original tunes, some jazz standards. We calld ourselves Gut 'n Steel. Worked for us.

los trios grengo amigos?

3 Amigos?
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