Do the (light) basswood body, floating tremolo and 25.5" scale of my Ibane RG1570 make it sound more trebly or more bassy? Ive read&heard different things so I'm a little confused right now.

In other words, should I be looking for pickups with more bass to compensate the treblish, thin-ish nature of the guitar, or would a bassy pickup only make it sound muddy?

All along Ive been looking for a more bass-oriented pickup since thats what my intuition is saying, but then some stuff got me confused

Thanks in advance, no flaming, no "go listen and decide for yourself", etc... just some constructive advice for a confused mind,

Thanks, take care
I got a lower priced RG, and its basswood, and the pickups that came with it were pretty bass-heavy and they were indeed muddy. I went the treble route. I got a DiMarzio Super 2 as my bridge and it's anything but muddy. Low end drop tuned chugging isn't quite as ballsy, but I am usually able to fix that with an adjustment to my amps bass EQ. Lead is really, really good. So yeah my advice is to stay away from high DC resistance, bass heavy pickups.
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So yeah my advice is to stay away from high DC resistance, bass heavy pickups.

Then again, Dimarzio's website about the Dimarzio Breed Bridge (which is basically what I'm set on getting for the bridge):

"Tech Talk: The Breed™ was designed to warm up and smooth out the sound of 25 1/2 scale trem guitars. It's got a lot more power than a PAF®, but it also has a finer "touch" than high-output models. Picking hard will generate a lot of voltage, but a softer attack will clean up the sound of an overdriven amp."

The Breed Bridge has a whole lot of DC Resistance (17.07) and a rating of:
Treble - 5
Mid - 9
Bass - 8

I don't know what to do any more input would be very appreciated
Warm and smooth isn't necessarily that great for lead guitar (in heavier music, that is). And just as a side note basswood doesn't have much of a sound; it's the most balanced wood for guitar, so really you can try any pickup.
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I really don't like basswood, the tone to me is just..wordless, I'd prefer maho..
The RG1570 actually takes on a middle ground, but I'd say it's somewhat leaning towards the bassy side.