Hey there.

As some of you might have read before I am bragging about my website all the time - it's in my signature - and I'm sorry about that. Thing is I have become an affiliate in this program where I can get money if people click on my ads on my site.

anyway I've only got swedish ads. Any1 now any on these programs for american companies? Thing is not many swedish companies have this "click" feature, instead they have a "lead" feature (if your one of these affiliates you know what I mean)... soo ideas?

And also: could anyone tell me an american page on which I can make my website heard? THing is I want to plant a link to my website on as many places as possible.

This not only goes for me but for other people doing this as well. I'm working hard to make the site grow and getting a little money for it wouldn't hurt at all, as a matter of fact.

Hopefully I'll get enough to privatize the site completely.

So I'm asking for:

-sites with affiliate programs
-sites where I can plant my links where lots of people will see them...

Of course the link-planting sites do not have to be american - as long as I can understand the language (english/swedish)

Yeah that'snot allowed, change your sig or we'll have to change it for you. Aside from that threads publicising referral links aren't allowed either.
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