well this is my band's music. i wrote and recorded everything on here cuz the rest of the band is too lazy. haha. the earlier stuff isn't that great, i was just messed up on shrooms when i wrote the entire first album basically. the new song is "she's not buying anymore" its a preview for our next album which is out in june. much better than our last one so far.


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isound not working for me...

Im not really into the style, personal preference though.

yeah, i know what you mean. not alot of people really get our music. but i guess everyones stopped doing acid and shrooms and have moved onto xtc these days. so i doubt we'll ever be famous or really have a big fan following, but w/e. thats not what music is about, even those few people who connect with our music is good enough for me. and i think i'm going into law anyways so hehe