WHAT WOULD HAPPNE IF i RAN A microphone through my boss-Ds-1 into my spider 2 30????
tears a hole in the space time continum. or could blow ur amp. idk
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Rip a hole in the space time continum. but seriously i dont think itll hurt anythiing
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You'd have to use a microphone with a 1/4 inch jack, or get an adaptor.

The vocals would get distorted, and would sound either like A) you're a demon/the devil B) shit.

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I don't know if I can help it.

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We did this through my friend's fender 30 watt with a Digitech metal master hoping it would distort his voice. Nothing happened really.
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Also, jokes on you Fender&Gibson, I have no soul!

another guy clicked my evil link, moehahahaha ( wicked demon voice)
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You'll hear some really crap distorted sounds, possibly some hum and buzzing since you are using an unbalanced cable on the microphone.
Thanks everyone, i think I'm gonna leave it then i don't want to blow my pile of crap amp