Okay, so post your favorite concert experiences.
Either of concerts you've played or that you listen to.

Of my own: Last summer when we played at this big sailing regatta festival called Kiel Week, this friend of mine jumps on stage, pissed as hell, stands right in front of the stage yelling like an idiot. At the end of the show, we spray sekt everywhere, he grabs the bottle and goes to the old people in the back and sprays them. Twas fun.

Not of my own: Tool concert. need I say more?
and the day after (it was at a festival). Lots of booze and weed.

Your turn!
When I was thirteen years old, I went to see Slayer with my dad. I foolishly wandered into the mosh pit during Raining Blood and got my ass kicked badly. My dad was pissed and we went home immediately. After that, my mom has become too paraniod about me going to any shows.
My Concert - We were having one of the best gigs ever, EVERY1 getting into going nuts, and its leading up to a bass solo by my bassist, jsut as he begins it ....................

his guitar just stops working, the connection is dead so i had to keep it going for ****ing ages till the twat realised he'd unplugged his lead form his guitar ( which he hadn't checked yet)


Not My Concert - Im excited at a festival to be seeing primal scream until 10 minutes before i go see them my m8 luke ( bassist ) gets a call saying that mani has jsut been arrested and wont make the show and his m8 heard it on the news so DONT GO SEE PRML SCRM so he that twat that he is went to see franz ferdinand but i refused to believe they weren't playing as i entered this ENORMOUS tent theres booing and people trying to kock it down, its clear my wrost fears are confirmed, they aren't playing

but jsut as things were REALLY gonna get out of hand


out of NOWHERE

the opening chords of "movin on up" ring out i look to the stage along with thousands of others to see ALL of primal scream on stage THE CROWD ERUPTS and they had a rocking set and it was one of the best gigs ever
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well, green day was at woodstock. so they are classic rock! i told you!
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So many amazing shows...but i'll say the best ones

First of all...slipknot....not only was the show visually stunning...the pits were some of the most intense i had ever been in. when corey talked to the crowd it was UNREAL. also during spit it out corey tells everone to get down on one knee and then yells out JUMP THE **** UP and the whole stadium jumps the **** up. its freaking chaos. and when they play surfacing...well...i guess thats kinda self explanitory. during people = shit i was body surfing and right at the break down i was facing the band right on top of the crowed and i could see everything perfectly so i looked straight at corey and gave him the horns....and he gave them right back...A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

also i say as i lay dying like 4 times but the best show was at the opera house in toronto. its such a small club and when we did circle pit during the song forever...awww man it was just crazy. and actually being able to see the double kick in 94 hours was awsome.

well theres my 2 cents
I was at a show and the band was going at it, and the crowd was doing there thing. The venue had mirrors all around the place (don't ask me why, it was weird). Some fat dude lands on one of the mirrors and breaks it. He then picked up a shard of the mirror and started to chase after the kids who pushed him. The venue was extremely small, so everyone saw what was going on, and the security tried to restrain him but couldn't. So, the genuises they are, they began to spray mase upwards so that it landed on everyone in the venue.

Another show was at a small club across the street from a Walgreens in the worst part of town. Turns out during one of the bands there was a drive by at the Walgreens. The cops came and everyone had to leave. With No Refunds.
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The first time I saw DragonForce, I learned my lesson about watching for croud surfers and holding them up when they land on your head - one metal studded goth boot to the face meant I missed all of Black Fire which I spent in the toilets washing the blood off my face. Other than that, best gig I've been to ever - DragonForce put on an amazing live show and it was the gig where they officially announced that Fred LeClerque was their new permenant bassist. All great fun ^_^
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Iron maiden at Earls Court.

Managed to lose my phone, my coat, my jumpet, all my money and my train ticket home.

Wandered around outside for ages freezing my balls off.

Tried asking some people for a bit of extra money to get a train ticket home.

Got talked to by police, begging is wrong apparently.

Ended up in the back of a police van with coppers taking the piss. "Must be pretty embarassing for a hardened Iron Maiden Fan"

Had to wait in Kensington and chelsea police station (Very posh) for ages, to get me parents to wake up from bed and travel for ages to pick me up.

Fun night. I prefer small gigs.
i just saw the trans-siberian orchestra show last month in baltimore. totally sweet. about half way through the concert Chris Caffrey (savatage) and David Z run through the crowd with their guitars to a platform at the back of the arena, get on the platform and it lifts them about 50 ft. into the air. tso chicks rock too
I just saw Joanna Newsom this evening. It took amazingness to new levels. I won't even try to describe how good it was, or I'll probably end up popping a boner, wanking onto the quick reply box and posting that.

I saw Sigur Ros, I was speechless for hours afterwards. Sublime. TO end thier main set they built up to a chest shaking feedback crescendo, jonsi was holding his guitar over his head, then they all just DROPPED thier instruments and walk off stage, leaving the feedback going. The crowd goes wild and after they try to drown the feedback with cheer, the band walks back on stage and picks up thier instrument and finishes the song to start the encore.
I saw Finger Eleven back in the day (now I'm ashamed I ever listened to them), and in the middle of the set, middle of the song, middle of the sentence, the singer runs off stage. The band members looked kinda bewildered, like "What are we gonna do now?" and they played the exact same thing only without vocals til the end of the song. The singer didn't return after they finished, so they went into a "jam" consisting of the same two or three notes over and over. It sucked.
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A few memorable ones...

Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie, AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Metallica, Kiss, Tommy Emmanuel, Phil Emmanuel, Motley Crue, Ozzy !
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Went to see Trivium on their first UK tour, some bloke was stood at the back of the Astoria next to the sound box, cradling a pineapple under his arm. At the same gig, I didn't see a crowdsurfer, and he kicked my brand new oakley glasses off my face.

I also got twatted around the head at the Dragonforce gig when they announced Frederic Le'clerc was joining the band. First time I ever had concussion

Another Dragonforce concert at the barfly in Camden, walked in the door to see the band chilling by the bar chatting to all the fans, then had some crazy shit dropped in my drink and spent all night tripping. I also managed to get picks off Sam and Hermans guitars - the actual guitars, the Barfly is so small, that everybody at the front was reaching up and nicking the spare picks off the headstocks

And several more
Well, there are a whollle lot. Most recent, possibly coolest:

Went to see Catch 22 at the Knitting Factory in NYC (millionth time)
There are no bouncers there, and kids were stage diving and all that fun stuff. Lots of me getting kicked in the head. Yay. Not. Anyway, I jumped up onstage during my (everyone's) favorite song, Keasbey Nights. The lead singer, Ryan, just kinda handed me his mic. So I sange. A few other guys came and shared it and we all sang together. It was totally bitchin'

They are seriously some of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet. I've hung out with them before, backstage and during the concerts while watching some other bands with them. I was in their music video too, and all that fun stuff. Great guys.
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Guns n' Roses = me and dad get drunk, he forgets we're in england, when axl put on the union jack for patience he goes off his head at the 'english bastards' theres suddenly a clear circle around us for the rest of the show, no one would come near us

Dragonforce = Circle pit during all that remains' set!

Maiden = During different world me and sforbs-rockstar were heading for the front, we get like 5/6 foot away and well next thing everyone fall's. I'm underneath about 40 people, next thing i hear is some guy shouting get them all up. get up and sforbs is like 10 foot away from me we both ended up at the front anyways, was amazing!
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When I was thirteen years old, I went to see Slayer with my dad. I foolishly wandered into the mosh pit during Raining Blood and got my ass kicked badly. My dad was pissed and we went home immediately. After that, my mom has become too paraniod about me going to any shows.

hahaha i'm going to see slayer this year in april, getting tickets tomorrow.. i am going to get killed
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i saw bring me the horizion as a support.........about 6000 in total, around 4-3 standing.....everyone moves apart for a wall of death

was pretty crazy when all these 12 yr olds got pwned

circle pit at the same gig was pretty intense

but id much rather be in a LoG pit lol