I am the proud owner of a used peavey classic 30 slightly modified with a jensen mod speakers, a set of jj tubes, a tube cover and MAYBE a reverb change. I forget the price though i see new ones go for 600.

I work in a lovely guitar store here in new york that carries fender amps as well as many others. It seems that the comparable fender amps such as the blues junior (though half the wattage i realize) are much less. even the $600 dollar fender hot rod deluxe seems better than the 600 dollar peavey. Is there something I am missing aboutt his peavey classic 30 that makes it better than the same priced fender? i thought the fender name would drive itself up way more than the peavey name. I'd love to know if there somethign particularly special about my amp i just dont know why it seems so expensive.
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I believe that Fender makes their Hot Rod series, or maybe all of their amps in Mexico( I think that they switched to Mexico in the 90's maybe?) and the Peavey classics are made in America. And as far as the hot rod being better than the 30, that's just personal preference.
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peavey classic 30 has good cleans. just use a booster pedal with it if you want better drive.

it does great clean blues tone.
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