Ok, so I'm building a fat strat. To that end I've been researching bridge pickups like hell. I've already decided on Dimarzio Area '58s for the neck and mid positions.

For the bridge I want something that can do heavy metal, but will every note will be clear. BTW, heavy metal in the vein of Van Halen and Motorhead, so I'd like a tight bottom end.

So Steven, how's the bottom end on the Breeds? It says beefy in the description, but I thought I'd ask.

Or am I better off with Evos?

Oh, I was also looking at PAF Pros, and any other suggestions you guys may have, I'd appreciate the input.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Alder body. Forgot to mention that.
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The Breeds the fattest, warmest pickup that Dimarzio make - beefy is a very good way to describe it and it excels at good, old fashioned sledgehammer rhythms. I've got mine in a set-neck mahogany guitar so it's doubly warm and fat, it should be less so in an alder body. However you might want something with a bit more bite to complement the alder in which case a Norton is a damn good shout, slighty more balanced but no midrange spike like many of the high output Dimarzios and some nasty harmonics for good measure.
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If I were you, I'd get the PAF Pro. They're excellent hard rock/heavy metal pickups, with great note definition, tight bottom end and excellent harmonics. They'd be a good pickup for getting you that EVH brown sound as well.
IMO the Evolutions are excellent pickups, but possibly too modern sounding for what you want. The Breeds are good but I like to have some bite in the top end so they wouldn't be my personal choice.
I think the PAF Pro would be a good halfway house between the two; the evos presence and clarity plus some good beef a la the breed.