O.K. So I'm going to order a case later in the day and want to also buy some picks,cables and straps.So what picks,cables and straps would you recommened?
Well picks and straps and entirely up to preference, so find what feels good
Planet Waves cables are pwn, everything is preference though.
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Picks are a personal thing, find a type you like, and buy loads of the f***ers! If you're into any kind of technical stuff I'd suggest using very stiff picks. I personally use Jim Dunlop Jazz III's, which are small and sharp, but amazing once you get used to them.

For cables, get yourself some George L's. Levy's have a huge range of straps and are good quality.
it depends on how much u r willing to spend. you can buy some really low end or some pretty good cables. planet waves makes pretty good cables for the price. id stay away from monster since you can buy better cables for less. still they are good cables just not worth the money in my opinion. for picks i use jazz iii. maybe you'd like them.
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I use dunlop standards, the yellow ones sometimes and the purple 1.14 to get a lil thicker. I also like the steve Vai ibanez picks, i think they are 1.5. I use the solid color dimarzio straps with the clips, but thats up to you. I have monster cables.
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boycott Monster. theyre still nice cables, but not as much of a Corporate Monster as Planet Waves.

dunlop Nylon 73mm/ Jazz III 1mm are the best to me.
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I got one of those Planet Waves Signature straps by Satch and they're really comfortable and they look really cool too as well. They're also built really well too.
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monster cables are life time warranty
jazz picks are cool if your into that i am
regular or jazz picks they gotta be big stubs
Levy strap

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Look in to Van Damme cables, very very sturdy (so far it has been) and good sound quality...abit pricey though.
I think Venom cables are pretty good
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