I am a paying napster subscriber, but I can't get music onto my ipod from the computer because of the files are still protected even though I pay for them. Same with on CDs, doesnt seem to burn them, I think they are only encrypted for this computer. So does anyone know of a way I can convert the files, I think they are just WMA/Mp3 to some sort of useable format so I can put them on my mp3 players. To be honest I'd happly steal them all off limewire but it is too dodgy so I'd prefer to just get some software that lets me use them off the computer.
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u need to install itunes on your pc then all music you download will go on itunes plug your ipod in n itll go on there
the best thing you can do is get a program called tunebite , and run your subscription files through that. ive used it for that exact purpose for several months now.
I did what you did to get music. I downloaded a program called soundtaxi and it converts it to mp3 and got rid of the protection so I could put it on my ipod
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would that work for rhapsody to?
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it'll work with any program that uses protected subscription files. and i think rhapsody fits that description, but im not sure.
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