Okayys, nothing special and its probably boring but, just wondering whatcha think of it and my playing really in generall :/ lol

ooh and yes i know some of my pinches where off lol :/

Teh linkeh.


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Sniff. lol :/ if it helps, theirs an amusing cat which makes up for it.


Oh, works now ooh, and cut offthe ending :/
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uuuuh, i dont know if its cuz only one ear phone is working right now but i was sorta irritated... sry
Yeah, well flanges spreads it across both speakers/headphones so i imagine it would be annoying on just one because it would go loud..silent...loud...
Cool man, its fun experimenting with all the crazy sounds you can get outa the guitar. Try to make some riffs that you play in time with the flange, like set the flange speed so it goes up and down every bar or 2 bars or whatever and it will sound less random.

Crit my fingering tapping video if ya want
Flange, like anything else should be used in moderation. It sounds ok, but the you need to use a lot less flange
playing cleaning fingerpicking with a flanger or phaser sounds absolutely ethereal, awsome heavenly effect would suggest stairway or is there anybody out there