Lefties, that being those who use their left hand to do the most dominant things (and not only those sick things you are thinking of), die an average 9 years before Righties.
They, that being the lefties, are freaks. They die because G-d cannot handle having a person swear on the bible by using his left hand. The hand he touches himself with.
Righties use their right hand for everything. This right hand is right. It is correct. When dealing with the question of which hand to use, the right answer is the right hand. The left is the wrong.
We should send them to camps. They might have a good time, because they wouldn't be able to tell what was going on. They are essentially nonentities. People who cannot understand right and wrong or, more accurately, right and left.
Not to be cruel, but they all really should be rounded up. You know, for protection purposes. I guess there are ways of correcting this issue. But they are only the right ways, not the left.
Lefties may make the argument that the English language is written from left to right. That argument contains many fallacies. They are ****ing retarded and must be annihilated immediately.
How do I know so much? You ask.
I learned this the hard way; I'm ambidextrous.

thanks for reading
jimi hendrix was a leftie. he started what metal and some rock music is today. he was the first artist recognized or categorized under the word "metal".
Yeah, I mean you can probably go to prison or something for being that... handist?

and metal?

Anyways, this was a nice, fun read. Basically it. I enjoyed it