Dont know if this is the right place, but on all the recording forums it was about posting what you have recorded....My question is what are the basic things that i need to start recording......What software, what type of sound card for my computer etc....Any help would be greatly appreciated
im no expert on the subject, so i cant offer you too much help. particularly when it comes to sound cards. however, i found an FAQ on UG which may address some of your questions if you havent already seen it:

click here

hope that helps
i use a laptop with some sort of creative soundcard. it's not that great . I use a mic which i got with some type of language learning program, or i use a headset. For acoustic i just clip the mic to my shirt and do that. sounds okay i guess, you have to adjust mic sensitivity. For program i just use Cool Edit Pro 2, it's Adobe Audition or something now i think. for electric guitar and stuff i try to put the mic like... 3 feet from the amp and stand away from it. I dunno, nothing i do costs much money. the mic was like 10 bucks seperate, the headset is 15, the program i got from a friend, who got it off torrent i believe. so yea. just find a small room without too much noise.
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audacity is a siple recordng software tht i use, and also, can jst record without standing 3 feet away. heard of converters? you place it on your guitar jack (output) it converts it into a small jack, kind of like uhm the size of the jack in a headphone of a mp3 player, and you can plug it into the microphone plug of your pc, ist like the guitar is ur microphone... and of course if u have an extra cable, to prevent damage to the pc speakers (esp. laptops) u can attach another converter to the headphone plug all the way to ur amplifer, the amplifier will act as the speaker..
Bare Minimum

This Thingy ($2.95 at Radioshack)
And sndrec32.exe (Free on every version of windows)

Total Cost is less than $4 dollars. Haha. (That is if you already have a computer)


Oh yeah instructions...

Just plug the adapter into your LINE IN on the computer, then plug your guitar cable into the adapter. on Windows go to START > RUN > Then type "sndrec32.exe" and press ok, hen you should be ready to record. You may have to config your computer to accept the line in, instead of a mic if you have one...

Do the following.
In "Sound Recorder" go to EDIT > AUDIO PROPERTIES, then under SOUND RECORDING, change the default device to something that has something like
"INPUT" or "LINE IN" or "DIRECT" in it, it says something different on each computer,
so I cant be a big help there. But then just press OK then your ready to Record.
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Sounds like a cool idea fragydig.How's the quality of the recording?
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i just use cubase that i got from a contact and i got a mic that cost me like £8. and i just record by using close mic overdubbing. thats it all i have to do is sort out the gain after recording. cheap as chips
you can do it a lot better with a $15 mic from radio shack, an adaptor, and audacity (a free download)
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Sounds like a cool idea fragydig.How's the quality of the recording?

Its not to bad actually, I've recorded a few demo tracks with it, it isnt all staticy like regular mics and all, since your basically using the Guitar as the mic.
Plug into the headphone jack in your amp a mini headphone adapter, then take a line in cable, (basically mini headphone male on both ends) and plug it into the line in on your sound card which is usually blue. Download audacity and use that to record, selecting line in as your source, if you dont hear any sound, make sure your amp is on and turned up a little bit, and that your line in volume is turned up, to check that just click on the speaker in the system tray.
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you can use the line out of your guitar amp to plug into your computer sound card. what you willl need for this is a lead with a 1/4" plug on one end and a 1/8" on the other. plug the 1/4 inch end into the amp and the 1/8 end into the line out on your sound card. you can get a recording program free called audacity from this site k ---> http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ <---
with all of this you should be ready to record. keep in mind tho you wont get the best quality recording but it will do the job =)
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