dunno if this has been done before, but i thought it would be fun for everybody to post their ultimate setlist.

they dont have to be by one artsist, but all the songs you would enjoy to hear in one session

have fun
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stairway to heaven (to start the night calmly)
Enter sandman (pump it up abit)
Cowboys from hell (audience go wild)
Damaged (John 5 if you dont know)

and someone else cn finish it i cant think of what to put next
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1. Last Orders
2. The Bricklayer's Daughter
3. Anything But The Same
4. Don't Use Your Wings For Flying
5. Pariah
6. Snapshots of Dreams
7. Heart In Her Pocket
8. Divination
9. Cellar Full of Wine
10. Maxine
11. Knocking on Hells Door
12. No Cares
13. Bless This House
14. Bernauer Strasse
It has been done numerous times in the pit. So this is a bit pointless. Search around before posting threads if you think it MAY have been done before.

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance - Dream Theater
Garden of Dreams - The Flower Kings
The Oddessy - Symphony X
Suppers Ready - Genesis
The Gates of Delirium - Yes
Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield

so a 6 song setlist thats over 3 and half hours long..

my 'smartass' quota has been filled for the day
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Open with Now You've Got Something to Die For - Lamb of God
Spheres of Madness - Decapitated
Crystal Mountain - Death
Necropolis - The Absence
Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse
Windowpane + Hope Leaves - Opeth
Foul Body Autopsy - Necrophagist
Babylon's Pride - Decapitated
As the Palaces Burn - Lamb of God
Walk - Pantera