okay, so this last christmas. 2 things happened. i got a job, and i got a new amp to match my semi-new guitar.

im not allowed to buy another guitar or amp.

what should i save up to buy, especially now that i have an income.

my idea is to save up for a laptop to use for: recording, and gaming.
another idea is to but more cds.

what do you suggest?
(and if anyone has any good laptop suggestions let me know please)
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get an alienware laptop. Perfect for gaming. Or if you're more into gaming get a 360. Highly highly highly recommend either of them. If you're willing to spend the cash, that is.
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laptop sucks you will spend 3x more to get a desktop pc performance

make your own pedalboard, dist, delay, all that stuff
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I'm in the same situation. I would recomend saving up for a laptop or just squandering your money on alcohol and sweets.
Xbox 360 PREMIUM set, or a dell, you can get Dell laptps for under £350!
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sorry i had to... eh yea, an alienware laptop would be good. also with that you can download music illegally
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