I'm thinking about buying a bass. I probably won't take lessons but ive been playing guitar for four years so i figured id try it. Anyway, i have $194 to spend on a bass.
Which starter package thing should i get?

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ur looking for a bass?

i dont know if there are some bass guitars there that are affordable. unlike in here in the philippines, cheap but "ok" guitars are everywhere.. try looking for an ibanez, or maybe look for squiers, i dont know to some but i think i saw a behringer bass here that is not that expensive but the quality is ok.. dont forget to take into consideration of the quality of the sound, the finish, the neck and other things important in buying a guitar. remember you should have attained the "you got what you paid for" feeling.
Maybe, you could try for the squire starter thing. People bash on squiers, but they are good for playing, and they ussually dont have many problems.
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Try the bass forum, but please dont start "which guitar/bass should i get?" here.
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