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I just joined up so if I'm posting this in the wrong place I apologized. I did a search, figuring someone has asked this before but I only found one old thread that really didn't have any helpful responses.

Anyway, if you've never seen someone play using a cut-capo it's a capo made to cover only three strings, usually the a, d, and g strings so that playing open is Esus (i think... correct me if I'm wrong, but i thought that was Esus.)

Anyway, this is great for acoustic playing because it lets you play almost any chord without barring which means you always have the nice full sound of playing chords in open position.

Of course all the fingerings are different, and I'm having a hard time finding a chart online. If anyone could help me out or link me to a good cut-capo chord chart it would be much appreciated.

wow, a noob who uses the search button. you sir, get a cookie.

btw, sorry i can't be of any help. i've got no clue on where to find things like that. try google or another search engine.

EDIT: i think they're called partial capos as well, they sell them on guitar center website. you might have some more luck with that.
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Yeah, cut-capo, partial-capo, short-capo I've heard it called all these. Partial is probably "official." I'm not actually looking to buy one, as I managed to make a sort of makshift one myself. Not pretty but it works.

It was a couple weeks ago last time I searched for a chart and had no luck, aside from places that would send you one if you bought the capo from them. I decided to give it one more go after I posted this, and whaddya know? I had some luck this time.

So for anyone else who might be interested, here's a cut-capo chord chart.

((and thanks for the cookie. I'm new here but I've been member of a few other forums, I know the basic etiquette.))
a cut capo? man never heard of those... haha! wed u get those?
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a cut capo? man never heard of those... haha! wed u get those?

most people just use one of those spring loaded clamp style capos to only cover a few strings. Ive done that but i always just figured out the chords by myself, its not terribly difficult unless you start getting into really complex chord voicings.
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