Hi guys ,

I play more of the 80s hard rock ..bon jovi ....van halen....def lepp...gnr ....which one will suit my style Les pauls , Explorer or Flying V?
Quite why you chose not to post this in the electric guitar forum is beyond me.

Play them yourself.
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id have to say lp that way your more equipt to play other generas as well as the ones that your after
i think it matters more on the amp and the pickups so id go with whichever you thinks cooler. Failing that try to find somewhere that sells one of them and play it
I say EXPLORER, because they're CHEAPER. BUT still GOOD. LEs PAULs Are SLIGHTly OVERpriced
Honestly, any of those three guitars will play that style of music just fine. Go play them, find which one you like the most, you won't be disappointed.
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personally I hate the feel of the V.
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