The Berg Sans Nipple - Along The Quai

The franco-american duo The Berg Sans Nipple consists of (but is no limited to) Lori Sean Berg and Shane Aspegren. The former is a suave Frenchman from the dirty rues of gay Parieee and the latter is a lanky Scandinavian-looking fellow who actually hails from the dusty plains of Nebraska. Once rumored to have been Siamese twins separated at birth (according to them, their relationship is really much closer to that of Ghost Dog and the ice cream vendor), the reality is only more mundane at first glance: two kids (both best known as drummers) trapped in a tangled mess of cables, keyboards, samplers, horns, bells, machines and drums.

After one album, three EPs (one of which was a soundtrack), a handful of compilation tracks and several treks around Europe during the last four years, the Berg Sans Nipple have their first "proper" N. American release with Along the Quai (close enough after their recent single on Chocolate Industries to not count). Recorded over two sessions in a house in a far-out Parisian suburb with Antoine Gaillet (NTM, Johnny Halliday, M83), Along the Quai is easily the BSN's most ambitious recording to date. Stretching all of the previous hints of influence even deeper, the album somehow manages to easily weave dreamy electronica, percussion-heavy afro-beats, layers of feedback, pop melodies and dub blankets, creating a cohesive, beautifully bizarre collage. There's also a remarkable difference compared to the previous releases in that you could say this is something of a pop record for the BSN. Not that voice is a new element in their music, but it's grown much more present and personal along the way.

Their first album Form of... featured guest vocals from Luke Sutherland (critically acclaimed novelist and former Long Fin Killie/Bows frontman) and Maria Taylor (Azure Ray), as well as instrumental contributions from members of Do Make Say Think and engineer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes). For Along the Quai, with a conscious decision, the duo flew solo.

Any other fans? What I've sampled of their previous work never really clicked with me, but Along The Quai has been one of my favorite albums of the young year so far. To me, it sounds like a combination of Octopus Project, Ratatat, Postal Service and Junior Boys. So if you're a fan of that kind of electropop, check it out...

"Mystic Song"
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This new album, Along the Quai, is really good.

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