Hey guys, when recording with heavy distortion, how do you record without the computer making your noise all muddy? Are there any pedals that can help this? Cause when you record distortion, it's so hi-gain, the computer can't take it all in. Thanks.
im finding the same problem. ive got acid pro 6, an audio interface 24 bit/96khz, mixer, sm57 and another dynamic mic both on my amp. cube 60 amp.
try turning the gain down on your amp if your using your line or or computer souncard it cant handle hi gain amps and its better to have like an iron maiden distorted but still clear tone that a hi gain mush that the notes are indistinguishable from one annother
You can try three things...
1. If you don't have a tube amp, and lowering the volume won't bring it out of saturation, or whatever you got going on, then just try that.

2.Lower your input dB's if you're using a pretty good program that has features like that.

3. Mic your cab and run that to your computer if you haven't yet.
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okay first of all, my equipment is what's in my profile, second if i turn the gain down on the amp or the computer, i lose the distortion, and three, can you please specify what you mean when you say "whatchamacallit"?
oh also i remember doin this to a mates computer go into start then all programes and then acessorys and then entertainment and bring up the sound controler and go into properties and enable everything and then find the line in and turn the fader down that migth help unwanted audio distortion
Not guitar equpiment, how are you recording into your computer. If youre going straight in, then your distortion is always gonna sound like crap. Either record clean, then use a plugin to distort it, or buy something like a toneport, or some other kind of interface or whatnot and mic your cab.

Also you want to at least double what you record to thicken it up and get a better sound, even quadruple. And turn down the gain too, gives you more attack, less mush. Going back and doubling will thicken it back up.

Search function too bud, there are plenty of topics on this question.
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