Hey guys i am looking for a worn down or broken guitar that has a pretty nice neck on it and maybe a few other things i can scrap out of it suck as a jack maybe but really i only care if th eneck is there. I am looking for a neck for a guitar that i am making and i dont really feel like going through the process of constructing the neck. And since the guitar necks are so expensive i figure i would just buy a used neck so if you have a guitar, know some one who does, or know where i can get a guitar like this let me know. I am not looking to pay too much as you can prolly tell but anything will do. And oh its an electric guitar so thanks a million.
building the neck is half the battle, and in the end learning how to do it is much more rewarding than not.

Otherwise, cutting out and routing out a guitar body is just like a defunct shop class project. lol

I'd assume any guitar with a neck worth using would be more than buying a used guitar neck for maybe $100~ on ebay. you should check the internets, trying ebay first.
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The neck is great.
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