I have just begun to tremolo pick. I can't seem to get a good rythm going. I tried to do James Root's routine in Duality (Slipknot) and i'm forced to downpick as fast as i can instead of tremolo picking. Any helpful tips or suggestions? thanks! (it seems as though i get hung up on the up-pick and it stops me from a good rythm. )
Just force yourself to alternate pick. It comes naturally after a while, you just gotta practice it.
Yeah just force yourself to alternate. I did that and it took me like 2 weeks and I had it perdectly, eh!
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It really won't take you long to get comfortable with the atl. picking style. So just give it a week or so and it won't be a problem, then after a few more weeks you will just do it. And just cause you are alt. picking, dosen't mean you have to pick really fast. Its good tech. for all speeds.
trouble with alternate picking? i usually cant downpick(at a tremelo speed)
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Try up-picking instead of downpicking. It will get you used to that motion, then afterwards do alt. picking. I alternate picked from the start so i don't really know how to get over that bump.
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well they say practice makes perfect..

i agree to that try to practice and practice it and sooner or later or maybe in just minutes you can figure it out how to do it..

i experienced this kind of thing also, and what i did was practice in my free time and hell yeah! i got it..

also if u got the hearts to do it you will not have a very hard time to learn new things...