im looking for a guitar for about 400-500
the pick-up config. doesnt really matter
rosewood fretoard preferbly
i have a wide range i like to play metal, soft, a i love to play blues
any suggestions?....
i tried them....
they have an awsome sound for metal and are decent for blues but there not to good at the soft stuff....
i havent looked into the C1 series though ill go check it out
epi LP sounds like it would fit you pretty good
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Well, the Ibanez SZ520 is $529. i've heard a lot of good stuff about that guitar.
The Epiphone Les Paul Classic Quilt Top is $449.

Those are both good guitars for the money.

Me, I'm looking into a PRS SE Custom.
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I must say the Epiphone Les Paul is right up your alley.

I play the same types of music as you, and it works perfectly.
Just let the good times roll.
Dude, check out a check out a Schecter CSH-1, the schecter semi-hollowbodies. I have one, and I play everything from jazz to punk to anything else. Its great.