I'm curious as to everyone's views on the overall sound quality of electronic drum kits such as this one. What do you think of their sound, when recorded? Or what about live?

I'm asking because our drummer has this kit, as well as an acoustic set. It's easier to transport the electrics, and just plug them into the PA. However, some people feel that the acoustics provide a better sound.

The band is somewhat on the fence. Since we're using the electrics to record, wouldn't it make sense to use them live, as well?

Just askin'.

I have a professor has has a set of the low level V-Drums. Some of the sounds are cool, but I have found that the upper level V-Drums pass over the lower level extremely. It also depends on how well they are programmed. I've seen drummers use the V-drums to where you couldn't tell the difference if he was using an acoustic kit. I would actually prefer to use the electronic drums for recording.. then use the acoustics for live performance. Unless your style of music relies heavily on true electronic drum sounds. Then I would just run MIDI out of the V drums into something like Reason or Battery.
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i personly don't like electronic drum kits unless used right

if you are playing electronic or club fused rock not only do i admire your perserverience cause we need more bands like that (check out "the faint") this is perfect cause you can also run the drum set through synth and equalizers

however if you are playing metal or punk you will look and sound like a moron
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acoustics are much better. if you want it to use them for practice or recordin evn if you have to ok but live definitly use acoustics whenever you can.