I recently bought a Traynor YCV50BLUE, but whenever I turn the volume up to half way on the clean channel you can hear a loud rattling in the back of the amp. I looked into it and I think that one of my tubes is loose, because whenever I hold the one on the right the noise stops but not with the one on the left. I talked to the people at Musician's Friend and they sent me a new one, but even with the new one I'm getting the same problem. Has anyone else had this same problem or know how to solve this?
if it has reverb, that sometimes does it too.
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Do the tubes feel loose? The tubes in my Champ feel obviously loose, but I don't hear any rattle (except from other stuff in my room).
is your amp very close to the wall, that made my peavey delta blues vibrate somewhat
Yes, it is fairly close to a wall, I'll try moving it next. Also, today I called Traynor customer support and he said that I am probably getting a wierd harmonic that vibrates the amp in a way that rattles the tubes. Since it only happens on the 4th-6th frets and is worst on the neck pickup I'm assuming this is the case. Is there any way to solve this?
maybe, this is just a maybe, put somthing that will absorb vibrations under the amp like a pillow or thick blanket and see what happens. It seems like this helped my friend's bass amp.
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in addition to the other steps, could he get a couple of tube retainers, or clips to secure the tubes better?

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Does it stop if you hold the tubes still?
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