When I play slap bass I slap with my index and middle finger and then slap with my ring and pinky. is this technique wrong? Some slapping techniques say use hit it with your thumb, but i find my technique better. Huh.....? Mi mui mui confisado? I'm confused? And btw how is my spanish?
dunno how you manage to do that, but people usually use the thumb and sometimes the pinky to slap, and the index and middle fingers to pop.
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How do you slap and pop quickly that way?
I doubt you get as good tone, speed, or accuracy when you try to pop too with your technique.
If it works though...
Thats not slap bass, thats just like regular playing but your slapping the guitar
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Usually slapping is with the joint of your thumb, but if that technique works, sounds like slapping and you can get good speed, why change? Not because other people say its not the right way to do it you should change. Don't fix what isn't broken. Of course if it doesn't sound good and you can't do it fast, use your thumb.
The way most people slap is by lining your thumb up parallel to the string, then rotate your arm in a quick motion, striking the string and letting it stop on the one above it. What you're doing sounds very slow and awkward, and without much accuracy.